Anti-Aging Techniques for Your Resume
Anti-Aging Techniques for Your Resume

While job seekers can’t turn back the clock, there are some things they can do to remain relevant in the eyes of the employer. By making some simple upgrades to your search strategy, you can potentially eliminate some of the bias associated with older workers. Here are four suggestions.

1. Create a Gmail account for job searches, as some of the earlier providers like AOL and Hotmail tend to skew towards an older audience.

2. Build a thorough LinkedIn profile. Most employers will Google candidates before calling them in for an interview. Being digitally distinct is increasingly important and a LinkedIn profile helps you create an online presence you can control.

3. If you are in a visual field or one where showing samples of your work is important, create a website or use LinkedIn, or to showcase your portfolio.

4. List software skills that are relevant but not obvious. Don’t list skills that are a given, like “proficient with Internet” or Microsoft Word. At this point this is the equivalent of saying you know how to dial a phone.