Company Overview

We enable digital sovereignty
Our lives are becoming increasingly connected and digital. This also boosts the number and complexity of cyber attacks. That's why trusted IT security solutions are in rising demand for governments and businesses. With our listed subsidiary secunet, we address the growing global market for cybersecurity by protecting digital infrastructures, systems, networks and confidential data.

Digitalization and connectivity are increasing rapidly. Today, the Internet of Things (IoT) already connects some 30 billion devices worldwide. At the same time, the field has become more and more attractive to cyber criminals. Damage from cybercrime costs about 1% of the global GDP annually, around $1 trillion. Companies and public authorities alike are increasingly at risk of becoming victims of data theft, industrial espionage, or sabotage. As a result, an ever growing number of government agencies, industries, and organizations are seeking trusted solutions for their citizens, consumers and infrastructures. The global market for cyber security offers tremendous growth potentials for G+D. Our listed subsidiary secunet is a trustworthy IT security partner at the highest level for public authorities, large corporations and international organizations.


Our employees are at the heart of everything we do. We pride ourselves on our diversity, human values and our daily work. Join us and be part of an international team that’s both inspiring and inspired. Contribute to making the lives of billions of people around the world more secure.

Creating confidence in a digital world
In a recent employee survey, most of our staff said they were proud of what we do. This passion goes back a long way – to 1852. Now, as we did then, we are continually innovating with new products that create confidence and make life easier for billions of people around the globe.

Making the lives of billions of people easier and more secure. It’s in our DNA.
Remember the best moments in your life – who you were with, where you were, and what you were doing. This is the best reason for you to work with G+D. To protect those precious moments. Our technologies ensure the safety and security of everyone, everything, and everywhere that’s important. To you and billions of others. Now and in the future.

One global team, one mission: creating confidence. Set off into the future with us, discover our innovative security solutions and shape the next chapter of the digital age.

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